William Ruth’s complaint summary to FBI concerning alleged retaliation and official oppression by judge and law agencies




The FBI asked that I summarize my complaint. Below is a very rough draft.

I plan to also include it in a package to be mailed to every voter in Brown County since literally $200,000 or more of our hard-earned tax dollars is being wasted and “real” crimes are going unfounded. I know many of you are busy and don’t have the time to read it but for the ones who have time, please critique it so that I can modify it before I mail it out.

Also I will add a $10,000 Truth Warranty to be paid to a local charity if there is any false statements.

Thank you!!!


I apologize if this is lengthy but it’s fact specific as to proving up the retaliation and official oppression against “all” the witnesses who were involved in a voting/public corruption investigation in Brown County being conducted originally by the Texas Office of the Attorney General, and later by the Brown County Sheriff Office, Texas Rangers and FBI. Including forensic audit by (name)

Supporting Evidence

Chief Deputy Bobby Duval and former Texas Ranger and Sheriff Bobby Grubbs both said they conducted an investigation and determined that the charges against “all” of the investigation witnesses arose from retaliation but never brought charges due to their focus upon one particular matter.

Duval’s interview was featured on KTXS. Also several reports as to the matter can be googled along with the interview of former Assistant Elections Administrator, Crystal Molina, talking about the retaliation attested to under oath in Molina’s deposition.


My name is William W Ruth. I’m a licensed attorney since 1994.

I have never been charged or even accused of any type of crime until I started representing the former Assistant Elections Administrator, Crystal Molina as to an alleged $50 theft charge by a public servant since then I have been charged 6 times of crimes leading to jail time which are all bogus and trumped up and brought by 2 convicted felons involving their “civil” cases in Judge Ellis court

This alone raises “red flags”!!!

I walked into the representation blindly, and Molina intentionally did not tip me off that the $50 “theft” charge was based upon retaliation in order for me to determine it for myself.

It was blatant. As soon as I got a copy of the probable cause affidavit, I questioned why Judge Ellis’ bailiff was supposedly conducting a “theft” investigation down the street at the Elections office.

Secondly, no one at the County Attorney’s office would talk to me about the case. The assistant CA said it was “politically “motivated and she was not getting involved” or words to this effect, and she was not getting involved.

But the obvious indication that it was retaliatory in nature was when I subpoenaed Sheriff Grubbs to testify, and received a call from Chief Deputy Bobby Duval asking me what is going on as to a case that was thoroughly investigated, and a “no prosecution” form was signed based on the lack of any evidence against Molina. Duvall then wanted to know why the matter was being prosecuted when “law enforcement” had not presented it to be prosecuted.

Thereafter, both Duval and Grubbs demanded the charges be dismissed which was not done until Perry Sims was appointed special prosecutor, and Sims immediately dismissed the charges against Molina.

What the evidence will show is that former Assistant Elections Administrator, Molina and the former Elections Administrator, Suzy Young, had gone to District Court Judge, Steven Ellis, about certain financial improprieties being ignored by the former County Auditor, Nina Cox, who Ellis appointed as county auditor after the forced termination of CPA Rex Bessent.

* This action was controversial at the time because Cox was a “non CPA” and lacked the apparent qualifications.

* It was also known that certain top officials were employing, overly compensating and/or protecting certain female staff personnel who lacked the education and experience as other female staff.
* This became more suspect when several female county employees were implicated in the courthouse drug bust. It was reasonable to suspect that for “self-serving” reasons, these female staff persons were employed, placed in certain positions, and protected in order to obtain more loyalty and control over them.

This is evident when Judge Ellis did nothing when presented with the complaint by Molina, which Ellis instructed Molina “not” to go to law enforcement or “outside the courthouse” with her concerns.

* It will be shown that this was a typical “ploy” used by Ellis to do “damage control” as he did in this matter; in the courthouse drug bust implicating Cox; in the later investigation of Cox (arising from the Molina complaint to the Texas OAG) leading to her termination, and in the Boy Scouts of America “matching grant” fraud involving Ellis’ appointee.
* When an “outside” forensic audit was conducted by the Houston auditing firm indicating Cox was deliberately “turning a blind eye” to financial improprieties taking place, Ellis obviously sought to circumvent and impede law enforcement and obstruct justice by making false and misleading comments to the media which he stated specifically that Cox “had not committed any criminal or corrupt acts” when the very action by Cox were “corrupt acts”.

* At the time Ellis made these statements to the media had not even been fully investigated by law enforcement and contradicts the allegations made in the investigative reports which Cox supposedly pled the 5th indicating that she was aware that her actions could be classified as “criminal and corrupt” acts. The Ellis statements were also made despite Ellis knowledge that Cox was named specifically in the Texas Rangers Courthouse Drug Bust report that recommended prosecution. By any standard, the actions of Judge Ellis can be said to be unlawful and designed to circumvent and impede the law enforcement investigation.

Both Young and Molina later testified under oath that Ellis was angry that Molina had not acted according to Ellis’ instructions and did report her concerns to law enforcement.

It was indicated to me by David Glickler, Division Chief of the White Collar Crime Division, of the Texas AG office that what was going on at the Brown County Courthouse was one of the worse cases of public corruption, voting fraud, and retaliation that he had ever seen. This is also reflected in the reports by Duval, and also told to me by the FBI.

Consequently, certain officials were extremely angry that the matter was now being investigated by the Texas OAG, BCSO and FBI which I ended up participating as a witness in all 3 investigations.

However, at the time, I first represented Molina I was only representing Molina as to the alleged theft. The perception was clearly the opposite as to the top courthouse officials; especially when I was asked by Glickler (not Molina) to accompany Molina to speak to several agency heads in what was suppose to be a “confidential” meeting in Austin.

When I got back, a JP judge, Bob Wall, asked me about the meeting. He had heard about it through Joe Cooksey who was another courthouse witness retaliated against and charged with a bogus crime arising from his candidacy for county judge. The charges and prosecution against Cooksey were not even a Texas Penal code offense as evident in the ruling by the Eleventh Court of Appeals.

* I have referred to most of these individuals as “former” officials is because they were “all” terminated or forced out of office including the courthouse maintenance man who was supplying drugs to various employees and officials implicated in the Courthouse Drug Bust.

* The Courthouse Drug Bust was conducted by former Ranger, Danny Crawford, and recommended for prosecution but not acted upon by the District Attorney Michael Murray, for suspect reasons.

I was immediately “black-balled” at the courthouse; especially, by Judge Ellis.

Ellis began “throwing” all my cases. No exaggeration.

Ellis allowed a 2-time convicted felon a bogus judgment against my firm despite us providing 5 witnesses and the convicted felon having no witnesses supporting his allegations.

Later, Ellis allowed yet another convicted felon and his now “disbarred” Abilene Attorney, Burt Burnett, to file a ridiculous $10 Million case against me and my family.

* Burnett was the same Attorney Ellis appointed as special prosecutor to pursue after the former DA Sky Sudderth on a “non-criminal” allegation.

* The $10 Million case was later dismissed in its entirety after 4 years and after getting an injunction against what Ellis was “unlawfully” allowing to be done to us which upheld all the way to the Texas Supreme Court

* Ellis was also found to have been contacting other judges and creating a bias against me. This is revealed in a transcript from Judge Dan Mills and witnessed by another individual.

* Ellis had also bragged that he was going to hurt an attorney (me) where I could never practice law again. This was attested to by 2 Boy Scouts of America scout leaders (Michael Bradle and Leroy Forbes from lampssas, Texas) who I did not even know at the time.

After having a “spotless” record for over 50 years, I have been charged with crimes 6 times! Indicted 2 times. Jailed 3 times!

* As to the 2 felony indictments, the allegations arose entirely from manipulation of the law and lies told to the grand jury based upon a fraudulent affidavit drafted by the convicted felon’s Attorney, Burt Burnett who was later disbarred.
* When we took Arma Lee Crow’s deposition in 2014, she testified that she was 92-years of age and she had never seen the affidavit bearing her signature, notarized by Crow’s attorney’s wife. She testified that the facts stated therein were not accurate nor did she know what the affidavit was used for, and had she been told the purpose of the affidavit, she would have not agreed to it, or words to this effect.

* The grand jury was empaneled 3 days!!! All matters presented to the grand jury arose “entirely”from the $10 Million “civil suit” brought by James Crow, a convicted felon, who was serving a 6 year sentence in federal prison for fraud and Burnett who would shortly thereafter be disbarred and indicted for supposedly stealing over a million dollars from clients.

* I learned later that Crow was Judge Ellis’ top donor; Ellis’ good friend; Crow’s wife was having personal communications with Ellis; and Crow had employed Ellis’ in-law and was paying her one of the highest salaries in his $8.9 Medicaid fraud scheme.
* When this was learned, Ellis refused to recuse himself. Lied about knowing Molina or knowing about any “corruption or investigation” at the courthouse.
* Ellis also placed me under an “unlawful” gag order. I refer to it as “unlawful” since Ellis prohibited me from speaking about matters that had nothing to do with the Crow lawsuit.

All crimes alleged against me have arisen “solely” from Ellis’ court, which at the time, the District Attorney Michael Murray and former Ranger Crawford identified Ellis as the instigator of the felony charges prosecuted against me.

* Murray later recounted his claim and avoided service when we sought to take his deposition. When we sought to take Ellis’ deposition, he avoided testifying by asserting “judicial immunity”. Our suit against Ellis was dismissed for the same reason.
* What cannot be denied is that Ellis appointed the special prosecutor; the case file contains no documents evidencing who initiated the complaint; Crow was in federal prison in El Paso; and Arma Lee Crow denied under oath of having any knowledge of the matter.
* At a minimum, Ellis action was improper since Ellis was identified as the individual who desired for me to be prosecuted and directed the special prosecutor to a 3rd party who provided information to the special prosecutor. This is further corroborated by Bradle and Forbes, and former Texas Ranger Crawford.
* I was also told by Rudy Taylor, who was named special prosecutor to prosecute Cooksey that efforts were made for him to be appointed to prosecute me but he refused. Taylor identified Ellis and Crow’s Attorney as the ones seeking for him to be the special prosecutor.
* This was typical of Ellis when he had appointed Burnett to prosecute former DA Sudderth, and obviously could not appoint Burnett in this matter since Burnett was representing Crow in the underlying “civil”suit.

As stated, ALL these criminal matters have arisen from “civil” cases involving these two above-mentioned “convicted felons” and were NOT crimes. And even assuming they were crimes did NOT justify the efforts or costs (including the unlawful concealment of exculpatory evidence) incurred in the extraneous attempt to make the facts support a Texas Penal Code violation, let alone, multiple felonies!

Moreover, I was 100% exonerated as to “all” of these ridiculous allegations and charges.

Now, I have a warrant for my arrest again arising in Ellis’ court by the second “2-time” convicted felon, John Green, involving a $9,020 judgment Ellis granted him in 2011; which my firm paid by “double” ($19,000+) in 2014; the convicted felon never gave us a Release of Lien so we filed suit against him in Travis County where he was residing at the time of the breach of the settlement agreement.

Consequently, we obtained a judgment against the guy and an injunction against the enforcement of the $9,020 judgment in Brown County by 6 judges, 7 times over the past 4 years which is being wrongfully ignored as well as the Court of Appeals stating the matter was “properly” litigated in Travis County.

If you think all of this is crazy. It is because the law is being blatantly ignored and the law is being manipulated in these “civil” cases involving “convicted felons” in order to facilitate ALL of these “criminal”charges, indictments and arrest warrants against me!

Coupled, with the “timing” of the same bogus criminal charges prosecuted against the other courthouse corruption investigation witnesses, it does not require any speculation that these alleged and bogus crimes are ALL designed to retaliate, intimidate and abuse us for participating and assisting law enforcement which we have no reason to doubt the sworn testimonies of Molina; and especially, Suzy Young that Ellis was angry that Molina went to law enforcement as to her concerns that proved true and accurate. And, was likewise angry that I was representing her.

Also, when I confronted Ellis about the retaliation in the Crow case, Ellis falsely purported that he did not even know Molina and denied knowing about the corruption investigation.

* The details of the facilitation of the indictments as well as this latest arrest warrant order provides even greater proof of the frivolous nature of the claims against me and the concerted effort to simply retaliate, abuse and intimidate me.

It should be noted that this placed a strain and hardship on my marriage as I stated in the Bulletin 5 years ago, and after leaving Brown County, the retaliation stopped. However, I don’t find it by coincidence that once it was announced in the Bulletin that I was doing an important construction project in Brownwood that the retaliation was reignited.

Obviously, as Ellis bragged as to hurting me where I can never practice law again which had the bogus barratry indictment been successful, I would have been disbarred and incarcerated for 10 years!

And, what was the alleged crime? ….asking Ellis to appoint my 92-year old grandmother an attorney to protect her from Ellis’ top donor and good friend who was a convicted felon from seeking to obtain $$$ from her. The outcome, I was arrested and jailed pursuant to a “secret” indictment; $110,000 was unlawfully borrowed against my elderly grand mother’s residence; the property was seized, forfeited and lost! Thank you, Judge Ellis!

My wife left me while I was incarcerated, and moved which she claimed that I “must be guilty of something” to be treated this way. Same words expressed to me by a grand jury member. ….same thought I had when Sky Sudderth told me what he was going through!

But, No. I was treated this way by a narcissistic, vindictive and retaliatory judge who (through others) facilitated false charges against me!

But why is law enforcement not enforcing the law as to protecting me? There is obviously 2 standards of justice in Brown County. One to protect officials and one to abuse those who will not coward down and will protect innocent individuals like Crystal Molina.

And, thanks to a simple call from retired Judge Ernest Cadenhead who called me while I was with my wife and I put the phone on speaker. This resulted in a turning point in our separation and divorce. From what Judge Cadenhead stared, she realized I was not guilty (or crazy) and there was an unlawful attempt to “make a criminal out of me” by Ellis.

* Now, that Cadenhead has passed, I will disclose that it was him who was providing the legal direction to me and paying out of his own pocket the legal fees for Molina after I was told by Cadenhead to get off Molina’s case (after I was indicted) since he was concerned Ellis would hurt me more. While I did not desire to coward down to Ellis and his attempt to intimidate and force me off the Molina case, out of respect for Cadenhead, I did as he recommended.

It goes without saying, the retaliation by Ellis and his minions must stop! And I will do and expend whatever is necessary to expose and stop it since law enforcement has, to date, not acted upon the obvious and undeniable abuse and retaliation that was investigated and determined to be retaliation when the first allegations and charges were initiated.

I grew up with Former District Attorney Sky Sudderth. He was one of the smartest, helpful and humble individuals I have ever met. When Ellis initiated charges against him based upon what I see now as a “non-criminal” matter, Sky invited me to the Red Wagon for lunch. He spent 2 hours telling me how he was a target of Ellis and Ellis was out to destroy him by “trying to make a criminal out of him”. And, that Ellis was evil.

That was the last time I ever saw Sky, and left our time together thinking that Sky was literally crazy, paranoid, or even on drugs.

Today, if I were to name some of the biggest regrets in my life, not taking the time to investigate the allegations Sky had made about Ellis or even reaching out to him periodically as a friend remains one of my biggest regrets in my life time. This is why I don’t blame anyone for not accepting the fact that Ellis is exactly as Sky described to me.

Now that the “pattern of abuse” is more established, the facts more defined, and the “big picture” a little more clear, it is now more difficult to deny how anyone could be charged and prosecuted 6 times with frivolous crimes, ALL arising from “civil” lawsuits involving convicted felons unless something sinister was not going on behind the scenes.

It simply stinks; especially when EVERY allegation has proven to be bogus and ridiculous and has arisen only after I stood up for Crystal Molina who also was being retaliated against as attested to specifically by the top brass of the Brown County Sheriff Office.

For these reasons, I ask that you assist me in bringing this retaliation to an end.

William W. Ruth




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