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Welcome to InTheJailHouse.com a record of inmate bookings from the Erath County Jail Log. Here you will find mugshots, names, and arrest information for suspects booked into Erath County or Brown County jails which represent charges filed following arrests made by law enforcement officers in Erath and Brown Counties in Texas The photographs and charges displayed here are provided by Erath and Brown County Sheriff’s Department. They have not been convicted of the charges listed and are presumed innocent. The charges listed were current as of the time the subject’s photos are listed. InTheJailHouse.com reserves the right to update the status of these cases. All are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Published mugshots and/or arrest records are previously published public records of an arrest, an indictment, a registration, the deprivation of liberty, or detention. The pictures and arrest records displayed at InTheJailHouse.com  are not an indication of guilt and they do not evidence a crime has been committed.  InTheJailHouse.com is not responsible for errors but will correct misinformation upon notice and research.
If your image appears here and the charges against you were dropped or espunged it can be removed by submitting documentation via either our Facebook page or email (adsales@inthejailhouse.com). There is no charge to have this done.


    • Randy Jr. I’ve been sending expunction records to the email address you list for updates to your page and our attorney has done the same thing, many times. We haven’t seen that the photo we are requesting be removed, has been taken down. Is there a better place for me to send the legal paperwork to you in order to have records updated?

  1. Seriously sick of seeing my husbands face plastered all over this damn jailhouse page ESPECIALLY WHEN HE REALLY DID NOTHING TO DESERVE TO BE BACK IN JAIL THIS TIME.

  2. Yes they are public records but it doesn’t make it morally right to plaster people’s pics for public shaming. That’s what’s this site is doing. Putting the words “people are presumed innocent” does nothing to stop the shaming. This is another example of how and why it is so difficult to ever exit the criminal justice system once someone is brought into it.

  3. Here’s what your emails look like after you changed them a long time ago. Just text, no pictures, no names, NOT EVEN A LINK TO THE ACTUAL PAGE.

    InTheJailHouse.com has posted a new item, ‘November 29, 2016 Brown County’








  4. We, as Americans, absolutely have every right to know and be made aware of who is dangerous and to steer away from in the community. It’s another tool to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

  5. why is Comanche County not participating in this? there are tons of people arrested here and the citizens here need to know as well. is there anything we can do as citizens to help push this along?

  6. Please let me know who to contact so that my mugshot can be removed. The date is from over 3 years ago on April 25, 2015 and I would like for it be removed from any public posting. Please let me know if I need to direct this request to a different location. Thank you for your assistance, Zachary Danford

  7. If you are going to be putting information out there then please make sure your information is true. You have someone on here and they have never had those charges… please fix this …

  8. Thanks for your dedication to keeping this site running. It has helped keep us well informed about our community. We canceled our subscription to the Empire-Tribune because they are too CS to cover the news.

  9. Wow, if it weren’t for you guys we would never have known our driver received a DWI! Our insurance would have been dropped and we could have lost our entire business. Thanks!!

  10. Why have I not seen anything new since June 2022? It would be nice to know there haven’t been any arrested in the town I was born and raised in, but I know that’s not the case! I’m 57!

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